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Collection: Clear Tarpaulins

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  • Glass Clear Tarpaulin 320gsm
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  • Clear Mesh Mono Tarpaulin Heavy Duty 170gsm
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Clear Tarpaulins for home and garden and commercial use

We stock a couple of different types of Clear Tarpaulin; these are mono tarps, and glass clear tarps. Mono tarps, manufactured from polyethylene (PE) material, are semi transparent and allow the majority of light to pass through whilst remaining mostly opaque. Glass Clear PVC Tarpaulins on the other hand are almost entirely clear with transparency properties close to that of glass.

Both types of material find uses within the home and garden as well as commercial sectors. Mono tarpaulins are a popular choice for building contractors situations where work may be carried out beneath them. Glass clear tarpaulins are often used in the home and garden as veranda covers as well as keeping the rain off dog kennels, chicken coops and rabbit hutches.

Glass Clear Tarpaulins Made to Measure

As well as stocking a range of standard sizes our Glass Clear Tarps can be manufactured to bespoke dimensions at our factory here in the UK. The material is a 320gsm (grams per square metre) PVC and is finished with white webbed hems and brass eyelets. Whether it's for use as a market stall cover, gazebo sides or as a temporary roof cover; we have the experience and knowledge to help.

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