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Collection: Spring clamp covers

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  • Bishop Heavy Duty Rot Proof Woven Nylon Jaw Covers for Spring Clamps
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  • Bishop Heavy Duty Stitched Leather Jaw Covers for Spring Clamps
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  • Bishop Heavy Duty Riveted Leather Jaw Covers for Spring Clamps
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Spring Clamp Jaw Covers

Our Spring Clamp Jaw Covers are the perfect companion for our 50mm Metal Spring Clamps. They're designed to slip snugly over the jaws of the clamp in order to provide protection from its strong biting force. This is particularly helpful if you're clamping on to objects that may be easily damaged or pierced such as wood, glass or some types of tarpaulin sheeting.

Clip Covers are manufactured from several different types of material; these are rot proof nylon, heavy duty stitched leather and heavy duty riveted leather. Leather Clamp Covers have traditionally been the material of choice but Rot Proof Nylon Spring Clamp Covers are now becoming a popular modern alternative.

Our Spring Clamp Covers are available to buy on their own without spring clamps or as bundles with our 50mm Heavy Duty Metal Spring Clamps included. They're designed primarily to fit 50mm metal spring clamps but will fit our smaller 35mm metal spring clamps. If you're in any doubt as to the type you require don't hesitate to get in touch for advice.