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yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand
yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand

yeloStand® TWO Marketing Stand

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Current delivery time is approximately 2 weeks
We always try to accommodate tight deadlines however so please do get in touch for details

Capture attention, create conversation

Capture attention, create conversation.

Be remembered for what you do. 

Unique, attention grabbing design
Attention grabbing design
yeloStand® is the attention grabbing, conversation starting, action inspiring, sales boosting, results smashing, bar raising springboard you need to propel you to your next great success.
Made in Great Britain
Made in Great Britain
Our frameworks are manufactured in Britain. We employ a local workforce and, by sourcing our materials as close to home as possible, we’re lowering our environmental impact.

Lifetime warranty
Life time warranty
We don’t engineer planned obsolescence in to our products. Our slot n' go system means there are no moving parts used within our frameworks which drastically reduces any risk of failure.
5 minute assembly
5 minute assembly
The yeloStand® TWO framework consists of 16 easy to assemble pieces. Have your stand assembled and ready to go within 5-7 minutes with 1-2 people and no special tools required.

Waterproof and fire safe
Waterproof and fire safe
We live in Britain so it almost goes without saying that all of our canopies, walls and counter wraps are waterproof. They’re also fire retardant to British Standard BS 7837:1996.
Slot n' go portability
Slot n' go portability
Aside from extending frame durability, our simple slot n' go system also ensures that all parts pack flat and will fit in any medium sized vehicle for easy transportation to and from your event.

Integrated table top
Integrated table top
Serve from behind it, store stuff under it, sell products off it, cook food on it, sit atop of it, dance around it; whatever the situation, an integrated table top makes sure you're prepared for it.
Fully customisable options
Fully customisable options
Bring your stand to life with full colour digital print across all material surfaces, upgrade your table top, add clear infill side walls, banners and carry bags for the frame and counter top.

Say hello to the yeloStand® TWO — isn't it time you got noticed?

The yeloStand® TWO is a unique promotional stand designed quite simply to get you noticed. Whether it's on the street, at exhibitions, markets, festivals or other indoor or outdoor events, this stand's striking design will turn heads and grab attention wherever you go.


  • Lifetime framework warranty
  • Rust resistant zinc plated framework
  • Enclosed at rear for weather protection
  • Fast and easy 5 minute assembly
  • Slot n' go portability for most vehicles
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fire retardant and waterproof
  • Integrated table top




One stand, one helluva lot of uses

The yeloStand® TWO isn't just a head turner; it's manufactured right here in the UK from high quality, durable materials which makes it perfect for a myriad of applications. Whether it's your daily workhorse or just for occasional use, the yeloStand® TWO has your back.

Brand promotion
Street food and catering
Bar work
Market and street trading
Sports clubs and charities
Events and exhibitions
Events & exhibitions
Festivals and outdoor events
Outdoor festivals
Schools and other organisations
Schools & institutions

You're in good company

Interested in the yeloStand® TWO? You’re in good company. Our customers range from small independents to large multinationals and there are customisable options to suit all budgets. Capture attention, create conversation and inspire action from your audience.


Facebook logo
Bella Italia logo
BBC logo
Baxterstorey logo

Chelsea and Arsenal football club logos
ISS logo
BNY Mellon logo
Lego and Goldman Sachs logos

Saatchi Gallery logo
ITV logo
Virgin Media logo
Principal Hotels logo

Discover the yeloStand® range

yeloStand ONEyeloStand TWO
yeloStand ONE XL yeloStand TWO XL

An introduction to customising the yeloStand® TWO

Standard options Standard options
Customise your yeloStand® TWO with a counter top that suits your needs and a roof + wrap colour that matches your style. Most of these options are available at no extra cost. You can also take things a step further by customising your roof and wrap with digital print.
Counter top

yeloStand® ONE / ONE XL Counter Top Style

Choose between a lightweight and functional 9mm plywood, a fashionable 11mm mid weight chipboard, a heavy duty 18mm plywood or a highly durable stainless steel which is perfect for street food and catering applications.

Roof canopy and counter wrap colour

Roof canopy and counter wrap colour

Manufactured from a durable, waterproof and fire retardant polyester material, the yeloStand® TWO roof and wrap are available in a range of popular standard colours. If you require exact colour matching or bespoke branding then take a look at our custom print options.
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Custom print Custom print
We apply digital print using a dye sublimation process to a durable, waterproof and fire retardant polyester material. You can combine some or all of the below options to create a fully customised promotional stand for your business. All of the below items are also sold separately should you wish to upgrade your yeloStand® at a later date.
Roof valance banner

Printed roof valance

This is the most cost effective print solution we offer. Your print design is applied to a detachable banner that fixes to the front roof valance of your stand using Velcro. The roof canopy can be used with or without this banner which makes it a really flexible solution!
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Roof canopy print

Printed roof canopy

Stand out from the crowd with a fully printed roof canopy for your yeloStand® TWO. We apply your print design to the top and sides of the canopy using a vivid full colour dye sublimation print process to create a truly spectacular and eye catching stand that will draw in the crowds.
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Printed back wall

Printed back wall

It's just as big and visible as a billboard, so why not use it like one?! The integrated back wall of this stand is yet another great way to catch the eye and generate the interest of passers by.
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Counter wrap print

Printed counter wrap

Take full advantage of the vast printing real estate the yeloStand® TWO counter wrap has to offer. Deliver your sales messages, product imagery and branding on the front and sides of the stand to great effect.
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Optional extras Optional extras
Whilst not essential our optional extras bring a mixture of added functionality, flexibility and ease of use to the yeloStand® TWO. These items are also available to purchase separately should you decide you require them at a later date.
Clear infills

Clear infills

If you're using your stand outdoors then our clear infills which fit between the upper legs of this stand will offer increased protection from wind and rain whilst maintaining maximum light penetration and visibility.
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Carry bags

yeloStand® carry bags

Our wheeled frame carry bag and counter top shoulder bag are popular optional extras that make storage and transportation of your stand to and from events a breeze.
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Technical specification


Typical uses
Ideal for, but not limited to, farmers markets, car boot sales and village fetes. A versatile base for selling a huge range of products. Perfect for first time traders right through to seasoned professionals.

  • Counter: 6ft x 2.5ft (1.8m x 0.76m)
  • Covered workspace behind counter: 6ft x 2ft (1.8m x 0.61m)
  • Front roof overhang: 1ft 6in (0.45m)
  • Overall footprint: 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m)
  • Height to roof bar: 6ft 6in (2.0m)
  • Height to roof apex: 8ft (2.4m)

Weight (approx)
  • 40kg (frame only)
  • 60kg (including roof canopy, back wall, counter wrap and 9mm plywood counter boards)

Number of parts
  • Framework: 16 pieces
  • Roof canopy, back wall and counter wrap: 3 pieces
  • Counter: 3 pieces (3 x 2.5ft x 2ft / 0.76m x 0.61m each)
  • Carry bags: 1 piece (frame bag), 1 piece (counter bag)

Assembly time
5-7 mins (1-2 people)

Longest unbroken length
6ft 7in (2.01m)
Warning If you're transporting this stand in a small vehicle please double check this length!

What's included?
  • Framework
  • Roof canopy and counter wrap
  • Instruction manual
  • Counters
  • Clear infill side walls (optional)
  • Wheeled frame carry bag (optional)
  • Counter board carry bag (optional)

Materials used
  • Framework: 1in x 1in (25mm x 25mm) steel box section with 2mm wall thickness, zinc plate finish.
  • Roof canopy and counter wrap: ~380gsm polyester with velcro securings
  • Counter: 9mm exterior grade plywood, 18mm exterior grade plywood (optional), 11mm chipboard (optional), 1.5mm stainless steel (optional)
  • Clear infill side walls: 320gsm glass clear PVC material
  • Carry bags: 550gsm PVC with heavy duty castors and rubberised handles


Data sheet
Framework warranty