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Collection: Lightweight Tarps

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Lightweight Tarpaulins for Temporary Storage and Recreational Activities

We class Lightweight Tarps as being anything in the region of 70gsm to 110gsm and manufactured from a polyethylene (PE) material. The definition is relative however and other suppliers or manufacturers may use definitions. As such, it's normally best to use gsm (grams per square metre) as the defining factor when making a purchasing decision.

70gsm Standard Duty Tarpaulins

70gsm lightweight tarpaulins are generally akin to what you'll find in your local DIY store and normally supplied in a blue colour. They're great for use as camping groundsheets, caravanning, outdoor activities as well as Shade Tarps and for temporary storage such as a Car or Hay Tarps. We would advise against using them for heavier duty commercial work unless it's for single use.

110gsm Medium Duty Tarpaulins

110gsm tarps are generally considered entry level commercial grade and as such is well suited for lightweight commercial use. We often sell this type of material for use as market stall covers and for temporary outdoor commercial storage. We also stock a range of rope, bungee cords, plastic and metal tarp clips and other accessories that are very helpful for securing our tarpaulins.