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Heavy Duty Mesh Tarpaulins with Internal Re-enforcement

Our 180gsm Mesh Tarps consist of an internal rope mesh sandwiched between heavy duty polyethylene top and bottom laminations. It's a durable material well suited to commercial applications. Owing to its semi transparent nature it allows the majority of light to pass through making it ideal for use in situations where work may need to be carried out beneath.

Our Mesh Tarps are popular within the construction industry for use as temporary roof or scaffolding coverings. They're also commonly used for covering chicken runs, dog kennels and rabbit hutches as well as having a wide variety of horticultural and agricultural applications; in fact there are very few industries that this type of tarpaulin hasn't found its way in to!

Looking for Clear Tarpaulins?

Our Mesh Tarpaulins are a semi transparent covering solution that allows approximately 70% of light to pass through but if you require something completely clear then you may want to consider our Glass Clear Tarps. These are manufactured from a highly transparent PVC material and are as close to to 'glass' clear as you'll find in a flexible material; think tent windows and gazebo side walls.