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A guide to our most common Tarpaulin Printing techniques

A Tarpaulin Printing service is available for many of our premium tarp products and we're experts when it comes to printing tarpaulins and other types of coverings for market stalls and pop up gazebos. Tarpaulin Printing can take various forms depending upon your budget and the type of fabric you require. Print can only be applied to our premium PVC and polyester fabrics. It cannot be applied to our low cost range of poly tarps that aren't designed for accepting print.

We've listed below some of the common printing techniques we use for applying print to our tarpaulin products:

Vinyl heat transfer: a full colour print technique which is designed for polyester fabrics only. We print your design onto a vinyl transfer, cut it out and fuse it to the surface of the fabric using a heat press which creates a highly durable transfer that is UV and peel resistant.

Digital PVC print: a full colour tarp printing process that has been developed for 550gsm PVC material. Print is applied to the surface of a white PVC base material that is specially designed to accept ink. Whilst durable, the print is still somewhat susceptible to scuffs and scratches if the material isn't handled carefully.

Screen print: a multi colour tarpaulin print process that can be used in conjunction with both our PVC and polyester fabrics. Due to the costs associated with the initial setup it's generally a process that is only used on larger scale jobs in situations where a design needs to be replicated on multiple copies of the same item.

Dye sublimation print: one of our most technologically advanced print processes designed for polyester fabric. The print design is applied to a special paper that is pressed against a white polyester base material. The design is sublimated between the paper and fabric using heat. Doing this impregnates (dyes) the print into the material and creates a highly durable UV resistant print that cannot peel or scuff.

This is just a quick run down of some of the most common techniques we use for printing tarpaulins but as technology continues to advance we continue to research and develop new and more durable printing methods.

In case you're wondering, we don't apply adhesive cut vinyl to PVC. It's an outdated signage technique that simply doesn't stand up to prolonged use compared with other more modern print techniques. The primary reason is because if the PVC material is folded across part of the vinyl design, small tunnels begin to form beneath the crease in the vinyl. Dirt begins to gather in these areas which slowly works its way into the adhesive and eventually leads to the vinyl to peeling away.

If you're looking for tarpaulin print solutions, whether it's for your market stall, trailer cover, pop up gazebo or any other type of structure, don't hesitate to get in touch.