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White Tapaulins for Medium and Heavy Duty usage

We stock two different grades of White Tarp; these are our Medium Duty 110gsm (grams per square metre) and our Heavy Duty 180gsm Poly Tarpaulins. The difference between the medium and heavy duty versions boils down to two main factors; weave count per inch and thickness of lamination.

The Medium Duty material has 10 x 10 weaves per inch whilst Heavy Duty material has 14 x 14 weaves per inch. When coupled with a thicker lamination the Heavy Duty version of the material is stiffer and more durable making it a better choice for more prolonged and heavier duty use.

We also manufacture made to measure white tarps from a 550gsm PVC material; read more about this in our Tarpaulin Design and Custom Tarps section.

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