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yeloStand® ONE / ONE XL Customisation

A quick introduction to customising the yeloStand® ONE and ONE XL

Standard options Standard options
Customise this stand with a counter top style that suits your needs and compliments your aesthetic, and pick a roof canopy and counter wrap colour that aligns with your brand identity. And if that's not enough why not take things a step further by customising your roof canopy and counter wrap with digital print.
Counter top style

yeloStand® ONE / ONE XL Counter Top Style

Choose between a lightweight 9mm plywood, a more durable albeit heavier 18mm plywood, a fashionable 11mm mid weight chipboard or a highly durable stainless steel which is perfect for street food and catering applications.

Roof canopy and counter wrap colour

Roof canopy and counter wrap colours

Manufactured from a durable, waterproof and fire retardant polyester material, our roof canopies and counter wraps are available in a range of popular colours. If you require exact colour matching and custom branding then take a look at our custom print options.

Custom print Custom print
We apply digital print using a dye sublimation process to a durable, waterproof and fire retardant polyester material. You can combine some or all of the below options to create a fully customised Promotional Stand. All of the below items are also sold separately should you wish to upgrade your stand at a later date.
Printed roof valance

Printed roof valance

This is the most cost effective print solution we offer. Your print design is applied to a detachable banner that fixes to the front roof valance of the stand using Velcro.

Printed roof canopy

Fully printed roof canopy

Stand out from the crowd with a fully printed roof canopy. We apply your print design to the top and sides of the canopy to create a truly spectacular and eye catching stand.

Printed counter wrap

Printed counter wrap

Take full advantage of the vast printing real estate this stand's counter wrap has to offer. Deliver your sales messages, product imagery or branding on the front and sides of the stand to great effect. You can also upgrade your counter wrap to our CounterJacket™ which can also be fully customised with digital print.

Optional extras Optional extras
Whilst not essential, our optional extras bring a mixture of added functionality, flexibility and ease of use to your stand. These items are also available to purchase separately should you decide you require them at a later date.

Full counter cover

Upgrade the standard counter wrap which covers the front and sides (but not the rear) to our CounterJacket™ which covers all four sides and the counter top. This is particularly useful if your stand is going to be viewed from all angles or if you wish to cover over the counter top. It's also creates a convenient and secure storage area beneath the counter with access from the rear. And yes, it can also be customised with full colour digital print!

Clear infills

Clear upper side walls

If you're using your stand outdoors then our clear infills which fit between the upper legs of this stand will offer increased protection from wind and rain whilst maintaining maximum light penetration and clear visibility.

Carry bags

Carry bags

Our wheeled frame carry bag and counter board shoulder bag are popular optional extras that make storage and transportation of your stand to and from events a breeze.