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6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®
6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®
6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®
6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®
6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®
6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®
6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®

6ft (180cm) Rectangular Folding Trestle Table by Bishop®

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About this item

  • Very Sturdy Portable Table — our 6ft folding table seats 6 people and support up to 250 kilos. That's a lot of turkeys if you're after a folding dining table or buffet table for Christmas, or nearly 3 full size kegs of beer if you need a BBQ table to keep your next garden party pumping!
  • Easy To Clean Folding Tables — this foldaway table wipes clean, whether it's food residue from use as an indoor party table, coffee stains as your laptop table, or any manner of marks from use as an outdoor table for the garden, picnics, BBQs or camping
  • Easy To Fold — weighing just 11kg, this trestle table 6ft folds out and locks in place in less than 1 minute, making it a superb folding camping table, garden table or even a beer pong table! Unfolded measurements are 182 x 76 x 75cm (length x depth x height)
  • Easy To Store — the collapsible table design folds down to just 93 x 76 x 10cm. This is certainly a folding table small enough to check all the boxes required of camping tables that fold up to fit in your car or camper, or slot in to a home storage cupboard or shed.
  • Easy To Move — our lightweight plastic table features a built in carry handle, rubberised for comfort! It's a fitting candidate for use as a portable desk, a folding picnic table, DJ table or plastic garden table. Whatever its use, portability is going to be a breeze!
  • Incredibly Useful — Short of space? Working from home? It's a perfect 2 person desk! Games night? An ideal games table, card table or low cost jigsaw table! Feeling crafty? It's a great value folding craft table for adults or kids alike
  • Reliable Work Table — This is a heavy duty folding table, well suited to DIY tasks such as a paste table. With a durable plastic top it’s also ready for tough commercial use as a catering table. It's a robust sewing cutting table that comfortably supports a sewing machine for use as a sewing table.
  • Excellent Kids Folding Table 6ft — thanks to its rounded corners and wipe down surface this a very suitable childrens fold away table. Once folded out the table locks in to place so there are no mechanisms for small fingers to get trapped in
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee — We’re very confident in the quality of this compact table and we think you'll quickly recognise the value and flexibility our tables represent, whether as folding tables for eating, as a folding laptop table, or even a folding coffee table
  • 180 Day Warranty — our lightweight table is backed up by a 6 month UK warranty so you can rest assured this adjustable folding table - whether used as a laptop desk table or foldable dining table - won't be a waste of money.



Rescue your next BBQ with our outdoor fold away table. Got a big dinner party coming up? Squeeze in all your guests with this fold away dining table! Got a job around the house that really needs sorting? Do it with a DIY table! Whether you're after plastic pasting tables for wallpaper, picnic tables for the garden, or a folding games table for your next family night in, our fold away tables are an incredibly versatile and cost effective solution for every eventuality. What’s more, you can be sure all your friends will be asking where they can get such a flexible table for themselves!

But what exactly makes this folding trestle table so useful? They provide ample additional space for work or play and comfortably seat 6 people with a table area of 182 x 76cm (length x depth). The folding table legs give the worktop a height of x 75cm which is suitable for work, dining, games or DIY. The real genius however can be found in the fold away table design which packs flat to just 93 x 76 x 10cm, weighs just 11kg and features a built carry handle. It's a fold away table small, slim and portable enough that it will fit in any car, camper, storage cupboard or shed.

It's incredibly sturdy too — the unique hinge locking system allows this multipurpose table to support up to 150kg of weight. If you're using it as a planting table or general folding work table then that's roughly equivalent to 15 bags of compost or 6-7 big bags of cement! Or anywhere from 20 full size computers to 50 laptops if you're using it as folding computer table or folding laptop desk. Suffice to say, whilst being lightweight and portable, it's certainly no slouch when it comes to handling heavy duty jobs around the home, garden or work place.

Finally, thanks to it's curved corners and wipe down surface, it's the perfect fold away kids table too! Whatever use you have in mind, our money back guarantee and 180 day warranty will ensure you have peace of mind. Buy today and start reaping the benefits now!